single album


Songs From The Bunker


1 Koavt Death To The Infidels
2 Ritual Front Dve Molnii (Two Lightnings)
3 The Arid Sea Hanging
4 Alien Levi Kapitulation
5 Necropropagand Patrie, Gloire Et Honneur
6 The Blue Hour Night
7 Storm Of Capricorn They Were History
8 Westwind Tourmente (Prélude)
9 Weihan Het Broedervolk
10 Der Krieg Bunkier W Lesie
11 Cold Fusion (2) Devotions
12 Der Feuerkreiner Novembertag
13 One For Jude Helice
14 The Well Of Sadness Glances
15 Ghosts Of Breslau Best Boys Are Buried In The Ground
16 Morpheus (7) A Game In The Dark


Limited edition of 100 copies, wrapping in silver cardboard envelope.